FalconStor FDS

Network-attached Data Dedupe Solution Minimizes Storage Capacity and Costs

High performance LAN dedupe
FalconStor® File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) is an award-winning LAN deduplication solution that is ideal for small-to-medium business (SMB) environments. Easy to deploy and manage, this LAN-based deduplication solution reduces storage capacity by as much as 95% or more and is certified with all leading backup and archiving applications.

Offering both post-processing and concurrent block-level deduplication, FalconStor FDS is optimized for high-performance data ingest of up to 875 MB/s (3.15 TB/hr) for CIFS/NFS that can be used for backup and recovery, archiving, and protection of:
      • Virtual data
      • File copy data
      • Enterprise applications including Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint.

FalconStor FDS capabilities include:
      • High performance Symantec OpenStorage (OST) integration that supports NetBackup and Backup Exec 2010
      • Disk-to-disk (D2D) data protection
      • Integrated replication
      • Flexible post-process or concurrent deduplication, user configurable for maximum flexibility and performance

Flexible Deduplication Processes
FalconStor FDS is the only scheduled, flexible, policy-based NFS/ CIFS data deduplication solution available today.

Through a centralized management GUI, users can define policies such as concurrent or scheduled deduplication and exclusion of whole directories, specific file types, small files, or files based on when they were last modified or accessed. These policies can be applied to deduplication, replication, and data integrity monitoring based on application and business needs, for maximum flexibility.

Easy-to-install, easy-to-use
FalconStor FDS has been acknowledged by experts such as Government Computer News (GCN), who chose the dedupe solution over nearly 100 other products for its performance and ease of use. FalconStor was named "Best of Show" out of 65 providers at the 2010 FOSE show and recognized as the "Next Wave in Storage."

Dramatically reduces capacity usage and recovery times
FalconStor FDS minimizes storage capacity for the widest variety of business data, including databases, user-shared data, backups, archives, and virtual machine data. This block-level deduplication solution improves capacity optimization by analyzing new data against existing repository deduplicated data to identify redundant data, reducing the original data set by as much as 20 times. WAN-optimized replication fosters cost-effective DR by transmitting only unique, globally deduplicated data. FalconStor FDS significantly changes the economics of secondary storage, dramatically reducing costs and improving data recovery times while making WAN replication an operational reality.

Various configuration options to meet your needs
FalconStor offers various deployment models and configuration options to meet the end-to-end needs of companies of all sizes. FalconStor FDS scales from small-footprint, cost-effective ROBO deployments up to rack solutions that support multiple petabytes of logical storage capacity for enterprise and data center installations. All models offer the same enterprise-level functionality and support for NFS/CIFS, Symantec OST, and replication. Physical managed capacity ranges from 1TB to 68TB in a single node corresponding, to 20TB to 1.36 PB of logical repository, using an average 20:1 deduplication ratio.

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