• Open-E DSS - Storage optimized Linux-based operating system.

    Unified NAS & SAN - File and block level (iSCSI or Fibre Channel) storage resources in a single appliance.

    6 Gb/s SAS - High performance storage architecture.

    File System with Journaling Support - Provides high reliability and allows easier, faster recovery from unexpected shutdowns.

    Snapshots - Enables you to create on demand or policy-based scheduling of point-in-time images of the logical volumes. Files can be recovered from previous snapshots should a file be accidentally deleted or modified.

    Volume Replication - Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Volume Replication are provided. Asynchronous Volume Replication is also supported over a WAN with both pair to pair support and multiple sources support.

    Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes - provides fault tolerance via iSCSI Volume Replication.

    Automatic Failover for NAS Volumes with NFS (Option) - Provides automatic NAS (NFS) failover, based on two nodes of active-passive configuration and provides fault tolerance via synchronous NAS Volume Replication for NFS shares.

    Cross Data Synchronization - Synchronizes files and directories from one NAS server to another. Synchronization utilizes block-based data transfer that minimizes network traffic. DakotaStor-LX2 can synchronize data in both directions, so each server can be the source and destination of files.

    iSCSI Initiator - Enables easy expansion of storage capacity. New units and logical volumes can be added by connecting an iSCSI storage system to the NAS server.

    SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation - Enables support for Windows Server 2008 Clustering.

    Virtual Tapes - Configure tape drive emulation on share or Dynamic Volumes.

    Worm - Provides volume-based Write Once Read Many functionality for data archiving.

    NDMP 4.0 - Defines a network-based mechanism and protocol for controlling backup, recovery, and other data transfers between primary and secondary storage devices.

  • Powerful and Intuitive Web-Based User Interface - Enables simple remote management of the storage appliance via web-browser, and can be easily managed from anywhere within the network over Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

    Console Tool - Enables local and remote, secure, administrator-only tasks.

    Superuser Function - A "Superuser" account has unrestricted access to all the files and volumes and is an especially helpful feature when certain directories or files are no longer accessible.

    Tuning Tools - Enables performance tuning of the operating system by changing the settings of disk, network, file system or network.

    Multiple Management Levels - Three levels of administrative rights are supported: Full Access, Maintenance and Administration.

    DHCP Client - Enables central management and automatic assignment of IP addresses.

    Network Security - Supports Windows Active Directory (AD), Primary Domain Controller (PDC), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and AD & NIS User-/Group ID synchronization.

    External Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) - Enables administrators to configure and manage multiple DakotaStor-LX2 systems from one single point (either a DakotaStor-LX2 with a LDAP database or any other LDAP server).

    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) (v2 & v3) - Monitors data throughput, Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Random Access Memory (RAM) usage to name a few.

    Virus Protection - An integrated Antivirus software tool scans shares for viruses at predefined points in time, as well as online scanning of files transferred via the SMB and FTP protocols.

    Backup-Agents - Embedded backup agents help administrators to backup and protect data on NAS servers with backup software from Veritas, Dantz, or CA BrightStor ARCserve.

  • Industry Standard Hardware - State-of-the-art commodity hardware platform

    SATA, SAS, & Solid State Drives

    VMware Certified 3.5" Drive Models:
    12 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 36 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    12 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 36 TB Raw, 2 - GbE NICs, 2 - 10 GbE

    3.5" Drive Models:
    4 Bay 1U Rack - Up to 12 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    4 Bay Tower - Up to 12 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    8 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 24 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    8 Bay Tower - Up to 24 TB Raw, 2 or 4 - GbE NICs
    12 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 36 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    16 Bay 2U Rack - Up to 48 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    24 Bay 4U Rack - Up to 72 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    36 Bay 4U Rack - Up to 108 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs

    2.5" Drive Models:
    8 Bay 1U Rack - Up to 8 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs
    24 Bay 2U Rack- Up to 24 TB Raw, 4 - GbE NICs

    10 Gb Ethernet
    JBOD Expansion up to 96 Drives per Expansion Port
    Additional network cards, RAID controllers, FC, SAS, or SCSI HBAs.

  • DakotaStor-LX2 is powered by Open-E's DSS V6 operating system. Open-E is an established manufacturer of Linux-Based unified storage software. Below are application notes and white papers on the features of DakotaStor-LX2's DSS operating system. Give us a call if you have any questions.

    DakotaStor-LX2 Downloads:
    DakotaStor-LX2 Datasheet.pdf

    How-To Resources:

    White Papers:
    Data Replication.pdf
    Volume Replication.pdf
    Description of Open-E Snapshots.pdf
    Backup Solutions.pdf

DakotaStor-LX2 is a flexible Linux-based unified network storage appliance, powered by Open-E DSS and provides easy-to-manage NAS and SAN (iSCSI and Fibre Channel) functionality in a single box. Just attach it to your network and within minutes provide high performance, reliable, and simple-to-manage file and block level storage for heterogeneous network environments.

DakotaStor-LX2 is built on a state-of-the-art server-class single or dual processor Intel® Xeon Series 5600 platform with up to 96 GB of RAM. A powerful 6 Gb/s SAS/SATA Hardware RAID controller with an 800MHz PowerPC® RAID processor and 512 MB of cache provides enterprise-level storage features and performance. The storage optimized operating system features the high performance XFS journaling file system. Automatic Failover for iSCSI Volumes and NFS Shares makes DakotaStor-LX2 an affordable high-availability unified storage appliance.

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